9 More American Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan – Revenge of Quran is Keep Going and to be Continue

Foreign troops killed in Afghan shootout

Afghan army officer opens fire at air force headquarters after an argument,
killing eight soldiers and a contractor.

The air base where the shooting took place is attached to Kabul International
Airport [Reuters]

Eight foreign soldiers and a contractor have been killed in Afghanistan after
an Afghan army officer opened fire at the air force headquarters at Kabul airport.
The Pentagon later confirmed that all those killed in Wednesday’s incident were
Americans. The Afghan defence ministry said violence broke out between an Afghan
air force pilot and US troops following an argument inside a facility used by
the Afghan air force. General Mohammad Zahir Azimi, a ministry spokesman, said
the assailant was killed in the shooting. “For the past 20 years, he has been
a military pilot. An argument happened between him and the foreigners and we
have to investigate that,” he said. A statement from the NATO-led International
Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said eight of its troops had been killed, but
did not immediately disclose the nationalities of the victims. ” A quick reaction
force responded to the incident”, the statement said. The Taliban claimed responsibility
for the killings but authorities could not confirm the group’s involvement.
A spokesman for the group told Al Jazeera that one of its members had been serving
in the army for a long time with the aim of killing foreign forces and finally
got the chance. NATO efforts to train and equip local forces into taking over
responsibility for security across Afghanistan by 2014 have been hit by a string
of attacks carried out by men who have apparently infiltrated the armed forces
or who committed attacks wearing unauthorised uniforms. The defence ministry
in Kabul was targeted last week by a gunman in army uniform wearing a suicide
vest, in an attack that left three people dead. Earlier this month, an attack
at a military base in the east killed nine including five foreign troops and
four Afghan soldiers, while the police chief of Kandahar in southern Afghanistan
was also assassinated. There are about 130,000 international troops serving
in Afghanistan although Afghan forces are in control of security in Kabul. Limited
foreign troop withdrawals are due to begin in July ahead of a complete pull-out
of international combat troops in 2014.

Source: Al Jazeera and agencies

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One thought on “9 More American Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan – Revenge of Quran is Keep Going and to be Continue

  1. Now that our government has instituted a sodomite military we’re going to see more of this scenario. God will no longer bless this effort. Every life lost will be a wasted one and we will come away from this now 10 year entanglement with nothing. How naive can our leaders and citizens be to not see that these government forces are all either taliban or al quaeda and hate the U.S. and it’s presence there. Democracy has no place there and never will. On 9/11 nineteen men with boxcutters (not bombs or guns) brought this country to it’s knees and we,ve never been the same. Who won?


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