Pakistani Nation Sit in to Protest Dr. Aafia Detention and Dedicated Easter and World Health Day to Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, whose Health Deteriorating in The Prison.

The Nation Protest Drone Attacks and Dr. Aafia Detention.

Bangles for Leaders and Responsible Authorities

Imran Khan Sit in Peshawar to Protest Drone Attacks and Dr. Aafia Detention. Dr. Fouzia Siddiqui Offer Bangles to Pakistani Leaders and Responsible Authorities for Aafia Prison in That Sitting.
fauzia-nato dharna-0

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Christian Community Rallies for Aafia on Easter

CNN, Demotix

Karachi, April 22, 2011

Christian Community members in Pakistan staged a rally in Karachi on the ocassion of Easter to seek unity in securing Aafia’s release.

afia on easter-042211_cnn

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Aafia Siddiqui’s Health Deteriorating

Video and Interview with Dr. Aafia’s Family
Apr 21, 2011
Mohammad Toori, PRESS TV

fauzia press-tv

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The family members of a Pakistani neuroscientist imprisoned in the US say that she has become ill and frail due to her conditions at the notorious Carswell prison.
The mother of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui recently talked to her daughter and says that Aafia’s physical and mental health have deteriorated, a Press TV correspondent reported. Pakistan’s ambassador to the US has confirmed this.

Siddiqui was sentenced last year to 86 years in prison on seven counts in a federal court in Manhattan. US officials claim she was an al-Qaeda agent, but her family says this is a cover-up.

Less than a month after sentencing, Siddiqui fired her lawyers.

Her sister Fouzia says that the US authorities have turned down their request for a new lawyer, and that Aafia’s court-appointed lawyer Dawn Cardi did not consult them before filing an appeal on April 15.

“Dawn Cardi, she was the lead lawyer…Aafia rejected each and every one of them [court appointed lawyers],” Fouzia told Press TV.

“We as a family rejected them in the sense that we said we would want independent lawyers…We wanted lawyers of our choice, who are independent, who are not being paid by a government who has sold its own citizen,” she added.

Aafia’s Zardari administration says they are trying their best to ensure the safe and immediate release of Siddiqui, but nothing has materialized so far.

Her release has become a national issue in Pakistan and attracting the attention of human rights groups across the globe. They say she is deprived of the rights a detainee should have according to international law.

Aafia has been named the “daughter of the nation” by Pakistani Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani.

Dr. Aafia on World Health Day

Aafia Movement Dedicated World Health Day 2011 to Female Prisoner’s Health in Pakistan

April 7, 2011

april7-world health day-med

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Aafia Movement dedicated the World Health Day 2011 to call attention to the conditions of female prisoners in Pakistan.  The Movement announced that it will undertake a survey of  the physical and mental health of women prisoners and offer action oriented proposals for improving the conditions.  Dr. Fauzia, the sister of Dr. Aafia said that preliminary analysis has revealed that the condition of women in Pakistani prisons is beyond horrible.  Just some shocking shocking facts:

  • Over half of the women in prison have never even had their cases heard – years have passed in some instances.
  • The notion of mental health for female prisoners is not a practical consideration in the Pakistani system.
  • Hundreds of babies are born in prison and are defacto child prisoners who have never seen the light of freedom.  What is their crime?

This is among the series of results oriented initiatives that the Aafia Movement continues to sponsor and sustain in a way that can have a positive impact for society. A previously successful effort involved the supply of emergency medicines in the aftermath of the devastating floods of 2010.


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